Hope Franke Strauss: The Artists

The Artists

The Minstrel Series is a collection of books set in the singer-songwriter world. As such, I'm able to invite in real life Indie artists to collaborate with me in this project. They provide the lyrics and music for the characters. Each book features two to four original songs remade by one of the artists for the purpose of this series. I include artist links and links to their original versions of the songs (where applicable) in the back matter of the books.

Let me introduce you!

Sun & Moon

Kim June Johnson (McMechan)
Kim is a Canadian artist living on one of the islands off the coast of Vancouver Island, and provides the singing voice for Katja Stolz.

Sarah Brendel

Sarah is a German singer-songwriter and lives with her family in a village outside of Dresden.

Norm Strauss

Norm divides his time between Dresden Germany and Kelowna British Columbia, Canada. He's married to me.

Joel Strauss
Joel is a Canadian singer-songwriter living in British Columbia, Canada. He is also my son.

Flesh & Bone

Trisha Robins

Trisha is a Canadian artist from Kelowna BC, Canada, and provides the singing voice for Eva Baumann.

Bryan Steeksma

Bryan is a songwriter and a rocker from Vancouver, BC. He brings the first element of rock to Flesh & Bone in the form of the character Sebastian Weiss.

Andrew Smith

Andrew is a singer-songwriter and producer from Kelowna, BC

Joel Strauss

Joel Strauss is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Kelowna, BC and now residing in Calgary, AB.

Heart & Soul

Tasia Strauss

Tasia Strauss (pronounced Tass-ee-ah) provides the singing voice for Gabriele Baumann. She was born in raised in Kelowna, BC where she currently attends university and is pursing a science degree. God gave her a voice. She's the author's daughter. :)

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a touring singer-songwriter originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia but now resides in Kelowna, British Columbia. 

Trisha Robins and Andrew Smith, former song contributors, also contributed to Heart & Soul. See their features above.

Peace & Goodwill

Bethany Petch is a singer-songwriter from Kelowna, BC. Find her on Facebook.

Andrew Smith (featured above) is the songwriter.

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