Hope Franke Strauss: Dresden


This is the building I've based Eva (Flesh & Bone) and Gabriele's (Heart & Soul) house on. There is an actual house church on the main floor (with outer metal blinds tagged with graffiti) which I use as a pattern for the one run by Eva's parents.

This is the type of apartment building I pictured Sebastian from Flesh & Bone living in.

Eva and Sebastian (Flesh & Bone) sat on a bench facing this fountain when he convinced her to write with him.

Altstadt on the other side of the River Elbe

A Neustadt flower shop.

The Golden Rider is a famous Dresden icon. This pedestrian lane links Neustadt to Altstadt and is the site of many fairs and festivals throughout the year. This is where Katja plays guitar for the artist festival in Sun & Moon.

Anyone who walks from Neustadt to Altstadt will pass this statue, which includes Katja and Michael from Sun & Moon, and Eva and Sebastian from Flesh & Bone.

The Augustus Bridge. This is where Katja often busked (worked as a street musician) and where a significant scene takes place between her and Michael. (Sun & Moon)

Eva and Sebastian also spend time on the path that runs along the River Elbe. 
(Flesh & Bone)

The Altstadt side of Augustus Bridge

It's very common to see musicians walking around Neustadt with guitars and gear. Here is a guy making a music video.

A street around the corner from where I lived. Katja could've shared a flat in a building like this with the girls who kicked her out on the street in the beginning of Sun & Moon.

A typical German bakery. Katja (Sun & Moon) worked in one like this.

View of Altstadt

The famous Frauenkirche, often mentioned in A Guitar Girl Romance series.

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